MatchBots Revisited

Matchbots game render

I often find it difficult to appreciate my own projects when I’m working on them or when they are too recently finished. I tend to only see the flaws, both real and imagined. It takes some time away from my work before I can see it more objectively and actually enjoy it. I decided that in 2018 I would try to take a look back at projects that I have neglected or left unfinished and see what I wanted to revive.

Such is the case with MatchBots. It’s my version of a little memory game with the addition of a “Wild Card” and a few rules so it can be played alone or with two players. I printed and sold the first batch of games in 2015 and then essentially¬†forgot about it. When I rediscoverd a poster design I created to accompany the game, I quited liked the simplicity of the characters and the line-up of the robots showing their reletive sizes.

I think I should print up a second batch of MatchBot games.

Visit the MatchBots site

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