ReJUNKenator is an on-going series of sculptures constructed from found objects, with a focus on retro sci-fi and Atomic Age futurism.
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Goblin Cobbler is a card game for two to five players. Score points by cobbling together Goblins from a variety of body parts. But watch out for other players who will try to steal your cards. This is an on-going project that is still in the testing and design phase.
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birdbee” is series of approximately 100 drawings about a little character named birdbee.
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MatchBots is a simple memory-style card game for one or more players. The solitary version is the same as any memory card matching game. For multiple players there is the addition of a “wild card” for a more competitive game.
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FOLDed is a series of paper craft robots that you cut out and construct yourself. They are sometimes available at Argyle Fine Art, in Halifax NS.
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